Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to questions related to the postponement of WC11.



Why has the congress been postponed?
Due to the global COVID-19 developments, the Dutch authorities have decided to ban all major events taking place until 1 September 2020. After lengthy and thoughtful considerations, the WC11 organization decided to postpone the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Science, scheduled to take place August 23-27, 2020 in the Netherlands. This decision also reflects public health concerns, and acknowledges the restrictions now in place, especially for international travel. The risk of bringing together a large group of professionals is currently difficult to justify and could jeopardize the continuity of science and care.

Will the congress be postponed to a later date?
Yes, the congress will take place from August 22-26, 2021. The venue of the congress will remain the MECC Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Will I be refunded for the cost of my registration fee?
Your registration will be automatically transferred to WC11 2021. However, if you are unable to attend or otherwise no longer wish to participate, we will offer you the opportunity to fully refund the amount paid without any cancellation fees until July 15, 2020.

How, when and where will I be refunded for my registration fee?
You can request a refund by sending an email to If we do not hear from you before July 15, 2020, we would like to welcome you next year and keep you informed of all developments.
Please note: that the registration will only be refunded to the account used for the payment of your registration. No exceptions will be made.


I made a private hotel reservation. Can I get refunded for my accommodation?
Please contact the agency or hotel to cancel your hotel accommodation to check the cancellation conditions.

I made a hotel reservation through MECC Hotel Services. Can I get refunded for my accommodation?
If you made a hotel reservation through our official housing partner, MECC Hotel Services, your booking for August 2020 will automatically be cancelled. You will receive a separate email with the official cancellation of your booking as soon as possible, please also check your spam folder.
MECC Hotel Services are negotiating with the hotels in Maastricht to retrieve a special offer for you if you rebook your room(s) for WC11 2021. As soon as they have the offer complete they will contact you to assist you again with your reservation.

What steps should I take to get reimbursed for the costs related to my travel / accommodation?
For hotel accommodation please contact the agency or hotel to cancel your booking and check the cancellation conditions. For your airline travel, contact your airline directly and if you have taken a travel insurance, contact your provider for information about the cancellation procedure.

I am a presenter / session organiser. Are there any actions to take in order to get reimbursed for the costs related to my travel / accommodation?
The WC11 Local Organising Committee will not refund individual airline ticket costs. Please contact your airline directly regarding ticket cancellations and your hotel or booking agent regarding your accommodation. If you purchased travel insurance, you should contact your provider for information and next steps.


I applied for a WC11 travel grant. Will my application be valid for WC11 2021?
Your application will be automatically transferred to WC11 2021. To withdraw your application, please contact us at

I applied for a grant outside the WC11 organisation. Will my application be valid for WC11 2021?
In this case you will be informed by the provider of the grant directly.


I am a session organiser. What will happen to my session?
If your session was accepted for WC11 2020, the session organizer will be contacted before August 2020 to check whether you want to organize this session as planned (with the possibility to adjust the session according to the latest developments in science) or whether you wish to withdraw the session.

Can I withdraw my session?
Yes. Kindly notify us by e-mail so we can log this information on your session.

What will happen to my submitted abstract?
Abstract submitters will be informed of general acceptance and are given the opportunity to already publish their abstract on the WC11 website. Accepted abstracts will be open for adjustment in order to include the latest scientific results later this year. Decisions on oral or poster presentation will be made in April 2021.

Will my abstract still be published and where?
The abstract you submitted to WC11 2020 (if accepted) will be published on the website after your approval. If you withdraw your abstract it will not be published.

Can I submit a new abstract if my current abstract is rejected?
Yes, you will be given the opportunity to send in a new abstract when abstract submission reopens later this year.


Will my sponsorship (individual sponsor items, advertisers, exhibitors and sponsors) automatically be transferred to 2021?
Yes, your sponsorship will automatically be transferred to WC11 2021.

What about my session sponsorship?

    If you are an organiser and sponsor of a session we are happy to invite you to prepare the same (or an updated) session next year. In that case, your sponsorship will also automatically be transferred to next year.
    If you are a sponsor of a session only (not the organiser), the WC11 International Scientific Committee will investigate whether the organiser of the session would like to organise the session in 2021 as well. In that case we will contact you as soon as we have received an approval of the session organisers.

Will my contract change?
Although postponing the congress, the ‘WC11 general conditions for sponsorship’ will continue to apply. The rates previously agreed will be maintained.

I already made reservations through MECC Exhibitor Services, CEVA or other suppliers (hotels, travel etc.). Will this be transferred as well or cancelled?
For bookings at external suppliers please contact the supplier directly to discuss what the procedure will be.

Can I cancel my sponsorship?
The WC11 Local Organising Committee hopes that you will participate again next year. Given the inconvenience, we offer for sponsors that decide not to cancel their participation, one free upgrade of an exhibitor pass to a full congress pass.

In accordance with the general terms and conditions, you are also entitled to a refund of the sponsor amount paid from which we can deduct the costs that we cannot recover from third parties. If you would like to make use of this option, please let us know before July 23, 2020. If we have not heard from you by July 23, 2020 we would like to welcome you next year and keep you informed of all developments.

If you would like to apply for reimbursement, please contact us at, before July 23, 2020.

I did not book a sponsorship yet, can I still apply?
Of course. We are determined to make WC11 2021 even better. Please also note that at the moment we only have just a few places left at the exhibition area.


If you have read the FAQ and your question is not answered.
Please contact us at or please check back this FAQ as we continuously updating it with new questions and answers.