Innovation Lab Sessions

At the Exhibition Area, the Innovation Lab is not a traditional lecture room but a place for showcasing latest solutions through a technical presentation, movies, new product launches and Q&A’s with attendees. The Innovation Lab also serves as the stage for elevator pitches, industry sessions, start-ups, debate, new innovators and other out-of-the box sessions.

Monday 24 August 2020

09h30-11h00 S205: A Virtual Human Platform for Safety Assessment – C. Krul, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

11h30-13h00 S150: Beyond animal welfare policy – how other areas of policy can boost non-animal alternatives – K. Kardinal, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality

13h00-14h00 S56 Breakthroughs towards animal free innovations – T. de Cock Buning, Foundation Bouwstenen: Proefdiervrij

14h00-14h30 Industry session

14h30-16h30 S64: skills4science – F. Busquet, Altertox

Tuesday 25 August 2020

09h30-11h00 S33: Religion-based Cultural influences on ethics, animal welfare and use of animals in science – M. Gunatilake, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo

11h30-13h00 S124: Connecting experts with – A. Kienhuis, RIVM

13h00-14h30 Industry sessions

14h30-16h30 CC3D Computer modeling and simulation of tissue dynamics – T. Knudsen, US EPA

Wednesday 26 August 2020

09h30-11h00 S85: A walk through 10 years of CAAT-Europe’s highlights – M. Leist, CAAT-Europe/ University of Konstanz

11h30-13h00 S151: Transition management on animal-free testing – B. van Golen, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality

13h00-14h00 Industry sessions

14h00-16h30 S213: Film Room – N. Jukes, InterNICHE