Sunday 23 August 2020

This page is meant to provide a look at the schedule and events that will occur during WC11 on Sunday 23 August 2020.

* the program is subject to change


15h00-19h30 Registration

16h30-17h15 Opening Ceremony
Welcome by Prof. Dr. Martin Paul, Maastricht University
Key address from pivotal policy makers

17h15-18h15 Opening Lecture by André Kuipers MD – Alternatives to animal testing: a ‘Man on the Moon’ project?
Dutch Astronaut and Technology Innovation Ambassador

André Kuipers is the first Dutchman with two space missions to his name. His second mission is the longest spaceflight in European history. In total the ESA astronaut spent 204 days in space: 11 days during mission DELTA in 2004 and 193 days during mission PromISSe.
After years of training in Houston, Moscow, Cologne, Montreal and Tokyo, a Russian Soyuz spaceship launched André and his two crew members from Russia and America on the 21st of December 2011 from Kazakhstan. Two days later he arrived at the International Space Station to live and work for six months. On board he was not only a medical doctor, scientist and flight engineer, but also handyman and ambassador for several charities. On the 1st of July 2012, André returned to Earth and landed in his space capsule in the Kazakh steppe.

Astronaut André Kuipers offers a unique look behind the scenes of international human spaceflight. He shares his story about the training, the mission and his exceptional view of our planet. He will comment on the analogies concerning technological innovations and health impact, with the development of alternatives to the current animal testing protocols, which has been coined to represent yet another Man on the Moon project

18h15-19h30 Welcome Reception at the exhibition area
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